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At Hollywood Staging, we review each image to find the right balance of furnishings to stage a room virtually. Unless your direction is a fully furnished, virtually staged design to draw specific clients to your property, our approach can be  "Less is More." 

For example, above, we've staged a Luxury room in two different ways.  The first image is produced with limited furniture centered in the room without an abundance of decorative furnishings.  By doing so, we feel the Viewer is less distracted. Potential buyers will not be disappointed upon inspection when the room is empty. They can see the largeness of the room, the beautiful coffered ceiling, multiple French doors leading out to the large terrace,   and the vast level parcel of land. 

The second staging is designed with a monochromatic pallet of furniture and furnishings that fills the room. It's warm and inviting, but with all of the furniture feel, it's hard to focus on the room's architectural features, and it may be difficult for the viewer to visualize how they would live in the space. 

Hollywood Staging marches to a different beat than most companies.  Ours virtually staged designs are always fresh and unique.  We like to use color and textures to bring life to our virtual staging.    Sometimes it's hard to explain what you want, so sign in to our VIP Inspiration to see examples of our work.  Let us know if you have ideas that will work on your property. Hollywood Staging is happy to work with you to make your property stand out so you'll Rent or Sell your property faster!